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The company is involved in the design, manufacture and export of jute sacks, bags and fabrics for the global market. It also supplies hydrocarbon free jute packaging material for agro-based products such as coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar,wheat and more.

Some common sacking bags with specifications;

For packing coffee and cocoa, following standard bags are usually used:

Food Grade HCF Hessian Jute Bag

Size 110 cm x 70 cm, Bag Weight 560 gms, Hemmed, Packing 1000 Bags per Iron Bound Bale,1x20' FCL=28 Bales.Capacity: 60-70Kgs

Food Grade HCF B-Twill Jute Bag

Size 38" x 28", Bag Weight 907gms, Hemmed, 3 Blue Stripes In The Middle, Packing 300 Bags Per Iron Bound Bale 1x20' FCL = 72.Capacity: 60 -70Kgs

We supply Jute Bags which are rich in benefits as listed below;


Ingredients used in the packaging materials are non-toxic and fit for use in packaging agro-based products.

Preserves taste and smell

No undesirable odours are present.No unacceptable odour develops after artificial ageing bags.


By far the safest sacking material, they are bio-degradable and hence pollution free.